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VMware Cloud

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Cloud migration made easy with Hostway Thailand Cloud Assist. Hostway Thailand Managed Services we support small to enterprise level businesses around the world. Optimize your IT infrastructure and processes by outsourcing these services to a professional. We offer basic to enterprise hosting solution that are stable and reliable built upon VMware. With a Hostway Thailand Virtual Private Server you get a stable, reliable cloud solution.

Choosing your Hosting Location:

Host in Thailand


If your Virtual Private Server will be accessed only from within Thailand we recommend you choose our Bangkok Data Center for fast national speeds.

INET-IDC, on the 10th-12th Floor of INET Bangkok Thai Tower (INET IDC), is operating in the prime location where the whole country connect to the Internet through THIX(Thailand Internet Exchange). For more than a decade, INET is chosen by both local and international carriers. To provide connectivity services to the well-known national and multinational corporations and government agencies residing in Thailand.

Host in Germany


If your Virtual Private Server will be accessed from multiple International Locations including Thailand we recommend you choose our Hannover Data Center.

Germany is the best location for worldwide conectivity. Our DC is directly connectet wit 10 GBit to the (DE-CIX) wich is a carrier- and data center-neutral internet exchange point (IXP) situated in Frankfurt. It is the largest exchange point worldwide in terms of peak traffic with a maximum throughput of more than 3.9 terabit per second.