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Domain names search and register the most popular domain names at great prices.

Domain names search and register the perfect domain for your business or personal use from over 300 different TLD’s available extensions from around the world. We offer unbeatable prices on .COM without any hidden costs down the road on domains and feature an easy to use control panel with free WHOIS privacy protection on selected domain name extensions.


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Register a domain:

We provide more than 300 domain extensions where you can choose to register a new domain name through our registration system or transfer an existing domain name to your account.


Domain management:

We provide an easy to use control panel that allows you to manage all the DNS entries associated with your domain name including A records, CNAME records and domain name parking / forwarding.

Access and manage all your ressources in one control panel not only your domain name but also web hosting or VPS products associated with your domain name.

Frequently asked Question & Answer

We have more than 300 domain name TLD’s on offer to choose from such as the popular .COM, .NET, .ASIA and also Thai TLD’s like .IN.TH .and .CO.TH at great prices.

Security is important thats why our name server management system allows you to Lock / Unlock a domain name to protect against domain loss, additionally we offer WHOIS protection for better privacy as default included option where available.

Hosting your website – if you are looking for web hosting to go along with your domain name we have multiple options for web hosting packages suited according to your business type and size at great prices. This allows you to manage everything from one control panel for ease of use.

Whois privacy. When you register a domain, other people from all over the world will be able to see your name, address, email address and phone name automatically. Protect yourself from spam and fraud with Hostway Thailand’s privacy protection, which will replace your personal information with our information instead.

– Hide your personal information – name, email, address and phone number from the WHOIS public directory
– Prevent spam related to the domain
– Help prevent domain robbery
– Protect from the miscreants and keeping your data safe

Domain name is the website name, which is the name that is set up to remember your website and online resssources easily. For best results choose an original domain name that represents your online content.

Setting up a good domain name should reflect the meaning and purpose of your business or project.

A domain name consists of 2 parts.
Part 1. The first part of the name is the name of the person, organization, trademark Or business types such as “google”.com, “pantip”.com, “sanook”.com “hostway”
Part 2. The second component of the website is the second part of domain name, such as .com, .net, .org, otherwise known as the TLD.

How to name a domain name

1. Domain names should be short, meaning easy to remember.
2. The domain name should be the name with meaning related to website content
3. If it is a company, shop should use the domain name as the same name as the company or that product
4. If the name is not meaningful, name the website. Should find easy-to-remember words because they are easy to remember

Domain name regulation

1. Domain registration must be registered for a period of 1-10 years.
2. Domain names must be in English only (except .com and .net can use Thai names) Number of characters (Including -)And the last name is not more than 67 words (for domain must have at least 2 characters but not more than 24 characters)
3. Special characters that cannot be used for registration are: @ # $% ^ & ฿ * () + | / <>, ‘?” [] {} _
4. Numbers 0-9 can be used in domain names. Which can start, between domain names Or can end
5. Can use markers – to squeeze between letters not allowed to start and end characters.
6. Domain names cannot contain spaces in any position.

Available Domain Name Extensions

Domain name Holder of domain name type

Commercial Organization


Networking Organization




Non-profit Organization


Non Commercial Org Academic Organization Internet Service Provide Military Organization





Department stores, companies or individuals (America)


Department stores, companies or individuals


Department stores, companies or individuals


The applicant must be in the European region (Euro).


Applicants must be in the Asia-Pacific region.




 (Mobile Web)


Department stores, companies or individuals


Websites that have services related to television work

Thai language domain name registration service or IDN Domain Name is a Thai language domain name. At present, the Thai name domain or IDN is supported only for the following 2 extensions .COM, .NET only.

Documents for registration of domain names. IN.TH For organizations or individuals (more details if children under 15 years)

Documents: considered 2 cases

Case 1. For organizations
– Documents showing the organization establishment or certificate of registration request By specifying the domain name and the holder

Case 2. For general people
– ID card, government official identification card, driver’s license
– Passport issued by the Kingdom of Thailand
– Work permit in Thailand (work permit)
In the case that the holder is under 15 years old, the domain name registration must be registered on behalf of the guardian and can be changed when the age is 15 years old.
Sample documents (For general people)

Documents for registration of domain names CO.TH

Documents: can be considered 2 cases

Case 1. Register a domain name by considering From the organization name

– Domain names need to be consistent, be part of Or abbreviated from the organization name
– 1 organization name can be used to reference only 1 name of the domain.
Note: In case of non-juristic person But registered VAT Can register by  a PP 20 document
1. Juristic person registered in Thailand
a. Certificate of juristic person, or document, 0 0 or May 0401 (trade registration) or Phor Por 20 document (VAT registration)
2. Foreign juristic person Must have a representative registered in Thailand
a. Foreign entity certificate (both original and translated into English)
b. Certificate of juristic person representative registered in Thailand
c. Certificate certified by a foreign entity Which has the following importance

Certify that the juristic person registered in Thailand is an agent
Certificate of permission to use a foreign legal entity to register a domain name By clearly specifying the domain name

Case 2. Domain name registration based on trademark / service mark / certification mark / joint mark

The domain name must match the trademark / service mark / certification mark / common mark for all characters.
Agency / person With more than 1 trademark / service mark / certification mark / joint mark

1. Trademark / service mark / certification mark / joint mark registered in Thailand
a. Important letter showing trademark registration / service mark / certification mark or joint mark Registered and issued by the Department of Intellectual Property, Thailand
2. Trademarks / service marks / certification marks / joint marks registered in foreign countries Must have a representative registered in Thailand
a. Important letter showing trademark registration / service mark / certification mark / international joint mark (both original and translated into English)
b. Certificate of juristic person representative registered in Thailand
c. Certificate certified by a foreign entity Which has the following importance
Certificate of juristic person registered in Thailand as a representative
Endorse the use of the trademark / service mark / certification mark / joint mark in the domain name registration By clearly specifying the domain name

Sample of company certificate / limited partnership / public limited company [Thai] [English]
Example of Phor Por 01 (used for confirming the English name of the company And must be signed by the staff) [Thai] [English]
Example of Phor Por 09 (used for showing company name changes only) [Thai] [English]
Example of PP 20
Sample Memorandum of Association (Used to confirm the English name of the company And must be signed by the authorities)

Thai TLD Reserved or forbidden words

1. Words related to the monarch, royal family, royal family And places related to monarchs, monasteries and royalty
2. Words that affect religion and belief
3. Words that cause dishonor to anyone Or any organization Including the use of ridiculous satire Or cause conflict, hate
4. Words that are names of countries, provinces, states, cities, including various public places Or convey those names
5. Rude words or words that are against the good morals of Thailand including words that are not rude by themselves, but caused by certain processes such as word fluctuations etc.
6. Names refer to the Internet, Internet protocols, and domain name systems.
7. Names specified in reserved name list, available for verification on the Registrar website.

information verification Before moving the domain
1. Domain name can transfer must being transfer before the domain expires 15 days
2. Domain name must be registered for domain not less than 60 days
3. Domain name must not be locked (notify the original service provider to unlock the domain)
4. Email as specified in Administrative Contact must be your email and can be used normally. For use in confirming the domain transfer (can check the information at
5. Must use Auth Code / EPP Code to confirm domain transfer Can request from your existing domain registrar
6. Domain transfer will take about 5-7 days. After you confirm

**** The process of moving this domain except .th *****–.html

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN the domain name organization has issued new rules for every domain name that is newly registered. The registrant must confirm the email address used for the contact details to preventing fraudulent information at registration of a domain name.

Domain name confirmation must be processed within 14 days after registering a new domain. This process can be confusing because at times the email send out by ICAAN can end up in the spam folder which means regisstrants of domains may not see the verification email. There is however a way to re-send a verification email as seen in our online guide here or by following the steps below.

New domain name registration / domain name transfer

Customers will receive an email in the topic “registrant e-mail verification” or “domain name verification”. If not found, please check in junk email. Confirmation can be made by clicking the link in the email.

1. If your webiste shows the message  “Domain Suspension” it is because you have not yet verified your email address.

2. Customers can verify by selecting the “I’m not a robot” and then clicking the “Resend Verification Email” button.

3. You may have to wait for about 15 – 30 minutes until the automated verifiaction system will send a link to your email to verify the domain name.

4. Please keep checking in your spam folder as well as this email may be flagged as spam by your email service provider.

5. Once you received the email navigate and click the link in the email to confirm the domain, the client’s domain will automatically be unblocked by ICAAN following the verification process.

Our technical team is on standby to answer your questions via a Ticket, Chat or telephone call please log into your control panel for more information. Additionally you can search for your anser on our Knowledgebase where we post related topics.