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Hostway Thailand is a leading data center and cloud service provider in Thailand.

Our cloud platform and data center services are located in the heart of Bangkok at Thai Tower and at secondary site in Saraburi. Direct access to the THIX (Thailand Internet Exchange) makes the Hostway Cloud ideal for national and international bandwidth consumers.

Hostway Thailand has proven to be the preferred cloud and data center provider that meets the needs of enterprises, medium-sized firms, and government agencies to help enable and support Thailand’s digital economy.

Regionally, Hostway (Germany) is able to drive data center services internationally with our data center providing services in Germany, USA and Korea.

Hostway is recognized globally as cloud and data center provider in partnership with best-in-class cloud providers ranging key technology partners including VMware.

Hostway International


North America
Hostway Corporation
100 N Riverside, Suite 800,
Chicao, IL, 60606, USA


Hostway Deutschland GmbH
Am Mittelfelde 29, Hannover,
30519, Germany


Hostway Korea
Yatap-dong 343-1, Bundang-gu,
463-828, Republic of Korea


Hostway Thailand
11/52 Town Avenue,
Moo 3, T. Nong Hoi,
A. Mueang Chiang Mai


Our History

Hostway was founded in 1998 and is one of the early internet pioneers, we played a crucial part in the development of the internet in Europe from the very start.


  • In 1997 Server-Service was founded.
  • In 2002, we inaugurated the first openly accessible colocation Data Center in Hannover. It is one of the largest and fastest growing data centers in Europe.
  • In 2005Server-Service joined the Hostway Group, one of the biggest hosting companies worlwide with over 300,000 customers around the globe.
  • Since 2005, we operate our own backbone connection between Hannover and Frankfurt a.M.
  • Since 2015, we have expanded our Data Center Colocation and Hosting Services to Thailand launching our Bangkok based Hosting Hub.

Our Vision

We offer market-leading internet services with the best customer support and fair prices. Direct and honest communication is an essential principle of our business concept. We offer large online capacities to small, medium and large companies. Save on infraststructure cost: we are your infrastructure!

Our Aspirations

  • 24/7 technically educated and skilled support
  • high quality requirements towards hardware suppliers e.g. IBM, DELL, HP
  • high system reliability
  • full management of your customized complex hosting infrastructure, be it on dedicated hardware and/or on cloud servers

You can widen your customer range and realize your own E-Commerce goals with Hostway Thailand.

Our Employees

Technology plays a central role in our industry. But talent, commitment and personality are the prerequisites of our success. This is why we invest in professional apprenticeship and advanced training. The employees from the early years are still on board and the company profits from their skills and experience developed through the years.

It does not matter if you are a company with one or one hundred employees: We have the appropriate hosting package for you. We are committed to support you during all steps of your project.

Quality, performance, and service are out top priorities!


Hostway Thailand and Hostway Germany  is at the forefront of the digital business as a full-scale data center and cloud service provider. We also offer a variety of IT solutions to meet all corporations and businesses’ needs no matter
which industry you are in so you can manage your business as conveniently and speedily as possible.