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Hosted in Thailand

“Cloud hosting in Thailand” represents a dynamic IT concept, which can be customized according to your needs. The individuality and the direction that can be customized as the customer desires, is one of the biggest strengths of “Cloud” or “Cloud Computing”.

Cloud solutions do not only provide a more efficient use of resources compared to physical servers, they also enable a simplified setup of redundancies for high avaiability. This means higher uptime for your applications & websites.

Multi Geo Location – You are able to Host and easily migrate your VM between our global data centers when hosting with Hostway. Choosing your Data Center to be either in Thailand or in Germany offers you the ability to place your VM infrastructure in a Geo targeted area that makes sense to your specific needs and traffic requirements.

Host your VM network and cluster over multiple Geo locations so that you can deliver service coverage to Asia and Europe with optimum results delivering content at a fast pace to any destination.

VMware Enterprise Cloud

Our professional cloud hosting in Thailand enterprise platform comes with the highest redundancy and availability standard. A cluster array of multiple redundant server nodes enables a migration of your VM in virtually real-time onto another node, in case of hardware failure. Your data is stored and operated centrally on a high performance storage system with SAS disks. You also have the option to use a redundant storage array (the data is stored on 2 physically separated storage systems with an automatic failover).

Feature Description
per VM base fee $ TBA
per vCore $ TBA
perGB vRAM $ TBA
per GB redundant SAS storage $ TBA

*All prices plus VAT. Minimum duration: 12 months. Additional OS license fees apply for: Windows, Red Hat and Fedora